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Exterior doors

Safety and modern design
The environmental and climatic factors of the country play a very important role in choosing the exterior door for you. So when you choose an exterior door, in addition to having a pleasing aesthetic appearance, it should also be weather resistant. It is therefore ideal to choose from the outset a quality product that is durable over time and offers you many other advantages.

How many types of exterior doors are there?
We made a presentation of the doors that are now on the market.
If you need help choosing the perfect door for you, don't hesitate to give us a call.

1. Solid wood exterior doors

Wooden doors are a very good choice for your home as they are superior in quality to metal doors, heat insulate and blend in perfectly with any architectural style.

2. PVC exterior doors

PVC doors are very popular. These, like solid wood windows, offer very good thermal and sound insulation, last well and are easy to maintain.

3. Aluminum doors

They are the most durable models over time, easy to maintain and with a remarkable design. Depending on your choices and being made to order, these aluminum doors are ultimately easy to integrate into any architectural style.

4. Special doors for passive houses

Special doors for passive houses are the best types of exterior doors due to the fact that:

◾ offer very good thermal and sound insulation
◾ have a very high resistance over time
remain stable and do not deform due to bad weather
◾ the hinges can be easily adjusted

5. Exterior sliding doors

Exterior sliding doors are the most widely used model for mainly glass houses. Offering lots of natural light, sliding exterior doors give your home a refined and modern look.

Interior doors

More elegance and style for your home
Interior doors play a very important role in creating your own style of your home, office or building.

With a wide range of colors and patterns, you can choose the right doors for your home to complement the decorative style or create a strong contrast with the interior design.
How many types of interior doors are there?
We made a presentation of the doors that are now on the market.
If you need help choosing the perfect door for you, don't hesitate to give us a call.

1. MDF doors (low density fiber)

MDF doors are used not only for rooms, but also for wardrobes. These, compared to solid wood, have a much lower weight and in addition:

◾️ MDF wood does not twist or break
◾️ offers a high degree of customization depending on the style you want
◾️ are also available in large sizes
◾️ have a much lower price

2 Solid wood doors

Solid wood doors are used in most cases for the exterior, but can also be used for the interior and have many advantages:

◾️ strength and durability - solid wood is incredibly strong and sturdy
◾️ They are excellent sound insulators and give you privacy
◾️ thermally insulates the part, helping you save money
◾️ aesthetic and customization offer

3 Glass Doors

Extremely popular in office buildings, glass doors are increasingly common in homes. The most important advantage is that the penetration of natural light is done very simply and thus creates the impression of a very large room.

In addition, different colors can be ordered, with simple or opaque lines or glass, and the hinges last longer than those of conventional doors. The maintenance of this type of door is also very simple.

4. Interior sliding doors

Sliding doors are more and more common in houses and apartments in Belgium. Thanks to the device of the sliding doors, they are pulled on a bar with the help of rollers and are practical, having at the same time a series of advantages:

◾ offers more space to organize and configure small spaces
◾ can be used to divide a room or open space
◾ gives elegance to the rooms
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