Installation of Verandas and Pergolas

We install verandas and pergolas for your home
Create an oasis of light in your home and also an excellent view of the exterior!
The GEO CHASSIS team installs verandas and pergolas for a panoramic view of the exterior of your house.


Pleasant and comfortable experiences
Verandas are relatively small constructions built at the same time or can be added later to your home. Used in both cold and hot weather too, verandas provide an oasis of light and comfort for your home.
Constructed of aluminum, PVC or wood and glass profiles and in most cases in a rustic style, verandas provide a comfortable and economical structure in addition to your home.

The field of construction has changed a lot in recent times and thanks to high quality double glazing and special seals, verandas offer significant thermal insulation.
There are two main types of verandas
◾ Closed verandas

Very appreciated around the world, the veranda is a room with a maximum visual opening on the courtyard or the garden of your house or on a picturesque landscape.
◾ Open verandas

The open veranda is the type of structure that has in addition a large opening, due to the large number of windows, a possibly sliding glass door.


Comfort and satisfaction
Pergolas, often seen as an accessory structure for homes, are typically located outside the main building and may or may not have window closures.

They are much more versatile outdoor structures than verandas and in most cases have a larger surface area.
A veranda or pergola offers you comfort, light and space but 
also increases the real estate value of your home and your space.
It's good to know!

You can save both the veranda and the pergola in two extremely useful spaces: a dining nook, a play area, a summer kitchen, etc. as well as a place to relax, equipped with sofas, armchairs, etc. To feel closer to nature, you can decorate with accessories and green plates.


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Contact us to help you choose the type of structure: veranda or pergola that meets your needs and expectations.
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