Garage door assembly

We install sectional, tilting and rolling garage doors.
The GEO CHASSIS team installs resistant garage doors
and performance for your home
Protect your car day and night
using a reliable garage door!

Garage doors

Safety and efficiency
The installation of garage doors involves several aspects that you must take into account (the type of garage doors, the exterior and interior elements of the garage so that the doors can be easily handled, etc.), and our team can help you. and advise you in the choice of the type of garage door.

Garage doors can be of several types:

Up-and-over garage doors

These types of doors are the most economical and affordable solution for anyone. They are durable over time and offer very high burglary protection and have many advantages

◾️ provides burglary protection
◾️ there is a wide range of patterns and colors
◾️ are easy to install and use
◾️ have a lower price than other types of doors

Sectional garage doors

These types of doors offer safety in use, thermal comfort and resistance. In addition, they are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and models, thus successfully harmonizing the garage door with your home. Sectional garage doors are operated both manually and electrically with the remote control and in addition:

◾️ ensures very good sealing of the garage against external environmental factors (wind, rain, blizzard, etc.)
◾️ the operation is done in a simple and silent way
◾️ provide burglary protection
◾️ supports multiple types of windows

Roll-up garage doors

Roller garage doors are used in many situations, including commercial and industrial spaces. Compared to sectional doors, roller garage doors take up more space above the entrance and, in addition, are less silent than other types of doors.

Roller doors can be closed or opened manually and electrically.

◾️ have the possibility of being mounted outside the garage
◾️ slides vertically and thus provides space when opening / closing
◾️ works on top and does not require additional space


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The GEO CHASSIS team will be at your disposal to help you choose the type
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