About us

Company specializing in the provision of installation services
We travel all over Belgium, whether you are in Brussels, Mons or Bruges
 to provide you with our services
 George Bogdan Anitei
We believe in

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field and we assure you that the mission you entrust to us will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. All our products have a minimum guarantee of 5 years and our services of 2 years.
Commitment and fruitful partnerships
We are 100% focused on each project and respect the contractual conditions.

We have established partnerships and collaborated with the best suppliers taking into account the principle of quality and innovation.
Client satisfaction

We strive to meet the needs of each of our clients while offering you extensive experience and advice to meet your expectations as quickly as possible.

The market and technology being in continuous movement, we are looking for innovative and unique solutions to meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers and at the same time to remain stable in the top of the competition.
Are you building or renovating your home and do you need a specialist company to install doors, windows, shutters or verandas ?
Quality service is essential and the GEOCHASSIS team will ensure 
your project is carried out efficiently.
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