Window installation

We install PVC, aluminum and wood windows
The GEO CHASSIS team installs windows
in aluminum, wood and PVC with the best quality products!

The costs of heating your home are significantly reduced with the correct installation of the correct windows.

PVC Windows

Energy efficiency, additional safety, a high level of thermal and sound insulation
PVC windows offer a high level of thermal and sound insulation, thus benefiting from a pleasant climate of your home and a heating bill with extremely low costs, in addition they have a high resistance to the action of various environmental factors, and their maintenance is light due to the smooth surfaces.

◾ have a high durability (systems guaranteed for 20 years)
◾ can be easily maintained
◾ energy is saved thanks to the high level of thermal insulation
◾ provide comfort for the living space
◾ have a simple and classic look, a solution that never goes out of fashion
◾ can be recycled up to 100%
◾ feature antibacterial and antifungal material with extremely efficient thermal factor (K - W / mK)

Aluminum windows

Strength, wide range of colors, durability
Aluminum windows are the best choice for modern buildings with large windows, greenhouses, glass domes, etc., taking into account the country's climate and heat transfer coefficient. Aluminum windows can be with thermal barrier or without thermal barrier (ensures very good insulation and high resistance over time to environmental factors).

◾ have a high durability (systems guaranteed for 30 years)
◾ have a high resistance to environmental factors (even in the event of extreme weather events)
◾ provides comfort for the living space
◾ have a very pleasant aesthetic appearance and countless customization possibilities, a wide range of colors
◾ are a long-term investment that will pay off quickly!

Wooden windows

Resistance, naturalness and simplicity
Wooden windows are characterized by an aesthetic appearance giving your home naturalness and simplicity, which is why they are in fashion again. Made in different models and shapes, they blend in harmoniously with the architecture of your home and have many advantages.

◾ have a high durability (systems guaranteed for 40 years)
◾ “breathes” constantly, by the nature of the material
◾ aesthetic appearance for a particular architectural design
◾ the thermal conductivity is low, therefore wooden windows are good insulators
◾ are a long-term investment and quickly recouped
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Installation of accessories

Safety and comfort
Interior Shutters
Ventilation grills
Anti-insect system


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that perfectly suits your home.
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